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What we research

As an authority on ageing and older people's issues, research is at the heart of all we do.

In-house and commissioned research

In-house, we carry out research on health, social, and economic issues of ageing; we undertake literature reviews; and we develop indices of different dimensions of ageing, for example the index of risk of loneliness. We also carry out evaluations of our services and have developed an evaluation guide and toolkit for others to use.

From time to time we commission specific research projects and evaluations out to third parties, often by competitive tender.

Furthermore, we support Age UK to be an authority on ageing by collecting, analysing, and synthesising research carried out by others, such as academics, government departments, and other organisations.

The evidence generated in these ways underpins Age UK's work, for example in influencing, campaigning, service development, and impact measurement. We also make much of this work freely available on our webpages in our reports, blogs, and other products.

Our publications

View all of the latest reports, literature reviews and evaluations from Research.

Research projects

Partnering with us

We warmly welcome the growing interest among the research community in partnership with users on designing, implementing and transferring knowledge of research projects, which we are confident will enhance impact.

If you would like to invite us to collaborate with you on your research project, or your application for funding, please download the form below and return it to

Partnership request form (DOC 22 KB)

Please give us at least 6 weeks’ notice before the deadline of the application. Please note that we will not directly fund research projects.

Resources for further research

If you are conducting research into ageing or planning an evaluation, you may want to take a look at our useful resources.

Policy & Research Update

Read about Age UK's latest publicly available research and policy information in our monthly email.

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All the research we publish is free and independent, and it helps to shape services for older people.

If you are able to, just a small gift today could help us reach even more older people wherever the need is greatest.

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Last updated: Nov 24 2017

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